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    A LOVE Letter

    The very essence of your “Being” I have found in Love and in that same essence I have found my Self in the reflection of the Divine substance we share, as one. There is no “figuring” with what dwells so deep, so intimately…for the Truth is the “looking” we have found when we let go of our eyes. And in your eyes, I too see your Truth which is of mine and I feel you here, even from afar…for no material distance can match the flame of love that burns within the souls of faith. And even in faith, we need not put our trust for our Divinity is far…

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    I am not free in this moment. I am not free because my reflection in you tells me so. I see the parts of myself that are holding onto what it is I can not control. And I am a witness but at the same time, I grip at my own skin and push yours away as if you are separate from me. You mirror this separation by speaking of your unwillingness to give up your autonomy. Yet what is it that you, too, fear connecting with? If bliss is a perfect day without a lover then so be it that way. But the Truth lies in the challenge of…

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    Be patient with your process. All is part of the Divine Plan of allowing you to emerge who You Are in this process of discovery. Ever since the conception of your identity, have you been synchronized by the changing moon ~ the waning of thoughts, waxing of intuition and rise of the natural tides of creation. The process is futile if not carried forth with gentle persuasion and yet determined action…again, the balancing forces of ego and Love. On this day, you remember who You Are with All that Is. That, to be simple, is a state of mind connected to the Divine. Complex integration is simply a state of…

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    I feel blessed to have the ability to feel the Truth of my Heart in this lifetime. I feel blessed to know and relate to each and every one of you. I feel blessed to be alive. To know that being alive, alone, is a gift from the Highest Gods. To share this gift with others is even a greater reward. So I thank you for taking this journey with me and sharing your love in the most intimate way that is possible for You at this time. We do the best we can and along the way may we always help each other rise to our greatest strength and…

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    End of Summer Special!

    End of Summer Intuitive Healing/Reading Special! 50% off!!!! A one-of-a-kind, all-natural wellness treatment, intuitive healing combines energy work, intuitive insight, energy-vibrational readings, and eco-therapeutic affirmations in an unforgettable session. Let it work wonders for you with this offer: • $55 ($110 value) for a one-hour intuitive healing session • Opt for the hands-on experience or a phone reading without the physical contact • Intuitive insights stem from clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairaudience contact me for details: tatiana@healingintuit.com I look forward to journeying with you, Tatiana:)

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    Recognize the patterns of your life path. Realize that your journey has come full circle at this time and the “gift” of this recognition can be given, first and foremost, to your Self. Allow yourself to receive the accolades of acceptance you deserve and are ready to embody..Now. Wear your Goddess attire with dignity and grace. Find peace in this integration of who you really are. The union you seek is already within you. Trust her…xo #HealingIntuit

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    The Desire of a Woman

    What comes up in the mind of a woman is the polarity of what is transpiring in relation to “you” (the man) and my Self in regard to merging/not merging on this physical plane. I was feeling a deep sense of guilt — like it was not my own, in a way — holding of some origin of being a woman — and convoluted as a temptress of sorts to a man. Taking on a feeling like I was in some way “bad” for having a body or being a “sex” that was desirable to a man, even. I can not describe the feeling to “you”, exactly, but wondered why a…

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    New Beginnings for HealingIntuit

    For those of you who know my work, I have offered a variety of modalities and “gifts” ranging from various forms of massage, polarity therapy, reiki, intuitive healings and readings. My passion in life is to share the gift of empowering individuals to reclaim their inner freedom and Love for Self and All of Life…thus bridging the balance of body and soul. Because this is my heart’s desire, to share and reflect this Truth in a way that is blessed with Divine Guidance, I am choosing to focus my energies solely (soul-ly) on Intuitive Healings and Readings. I will not be offering massage, reiki, or polarity therapy to the general…

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