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    Crossroads of Life

    The Crossroads of Life Within the journey of life, we meet at various inner crossroads. These “crossroads” are points of reference, within, that open the gates to our own allowing. This “allowing” is the gift of that which is inherent…the Truth that is always there to set us free. As the full moon welcomes us into our own inner space tonight, we are invited to LISTEN. We are allowing our innate nature to be at its most bountiful place to receive all that we ARE, all that we have worked so hard through the winter months to come, full circle, back into our hearts and thus, share with the hearts…

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    #Love, #SelfLove

    #Love #SelfLove: The first thing to accept is our perceived imperfections are actually perfection. What I realized (and continue to learn from “relating”) is that every experience I have of sharing Love with another, and the feelings I have of being “hurt” that I am not being “met” back in the same way, is a continual sign and reminder that I am being asked, by virtue of my own pain, to return to the place of Self love. I will say that it wasn’t learned over night or in one experience. I am still learning to “return to love” in each moment ~ especially in the moments that seem like…

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    Message (not of the day or of the week) but of a lifetime

    If you Love others ~ fiercely, passionately, and as whole heartedly (as possible) ~ don’t expect, ever, for that Love to be returned in the same way, to the same degree, or for the same reason. Instead, recognize that it is that same Love you give that is calling you home to your own heart. If you Love your Self as passionately, as wildly, as open heartedly as you choose to Love others, you will attract an authentic vibration of the Love you are, and give to your Self, as reciprocation of your totality of Love that you emit to the world and Universe, as a whole. Let Love be…

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    TEXAS BOUND JUNE 12-JULY 1st! BOOK A SESSION AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE! CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS: tatiana@healingintuit.com Pass it on….xo Greetings all! I will be visiting Texas June 12th – July 1st and will be offering my Healing and Intuitive Services at a discounted rate for all Texas friends and family (and referrals). I am offering in person Intuitive Healing Sessions/Readings, Intuitive Phone Readings, and Somatic Bodywork. Please pass it on and/or contact me to set up an appointment. I look forward to journeying with you ~ sharing in the Gifts of Wisdom and Intuition that moves through. Blessings, Tatiana xo

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    Intuition Development Class 2

    Class 2, in our Intuition Development course, is on TRUST. We will explore what it means to “trust” and how perceived patterns of thought can derail the integrity that genuine Trust offers to each of us, in each moment. This class is, currently, FULL but if you are interested in attending future classes and/or workshops, please PM me or email me at: tatiana@healingintuit.com Osho says: If you can trust, something or other will always happen and will help your growth. You will be provided for. Whatsoever is needed at a particular time will be given to you, never before it. You get it only when you need it, and there…

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    Intuition Classes!

    Last night I had the honor of co-facilitating (with Bobby “Oracle” Wood) class 1, “Opening our Inner Eyes,” of a our 6 part class series on Developing Intuition. The next class, Trusting our Inner Guidance, will be a deepening of the work and a gift to share. We are also looking forward to releasing the date of our upcoming Intuition Workshop in May. Stay tuned for details…

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    Healing: an Ever-present Journey to Love

    Healing is an ever-present experience of taking Love so deep into your heart that your heart breaks open and open and open again…so wide, so deep that nothing exists at all but Love itself~ in all it’s glory, pain, and joy that what remains is as an intrinsic part of who you are and what you share with the world…an unconditional acceptance and compassion for all. When I see you, I trust my reflection…so love with all of your heart ~ especially when you fear it the most…xoxox ‪#‎HealingIntuit‬#

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    Heart Celebration

    I am an open book waiting to understand myself. I am an empty heart fully bleeding into existence. I gather within my bones, creating my core…indulging in my own desires of flesh and blood and ask myself over and over, “why am I here?”…and a silent voice tells me that I already know. And I listen. And then I get scared. And then I listen carefully, again. And then I know. And I never doubt yet at the same time I’m not doubting, I find a place to hide. And I run, hiding. Around the corner, I find myself alone and bleeding from my eyes that see too much. Blinding…

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