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#Love, #SelfLove

#Love #SelfLove:

The first thing to accept is our perceived imperfections are actually perfection. What I realized (and continue to learn from “relating”) is that every experience I have of sharing Love with another, and the feelings I have of being “hurt” that I am not being “met” back in the same way, is a continual sign and reminder that I am being asked, by virtue of my own pain, to return to the place of Self love. I will say that it wasn’t learned over night or in one experience. I am still learning to “return to love” in each moment ~ especially in the moments that seem like my weakest. In looking at my seeming “mistakes” and the “others” seeming “mistakes” through the relating patterns, I am given clues as to where Love is still needed ~for Self and other. It’s a practice, I am learning, just like meditation. It takes Trust that my Love is complete with or without someone or the “need” to be liked, approved of or even “met” by those that are in my sphere of relating on any level. If I am returning to the place of Loving my Self through conscious intentions of replacing any negative thoughts I have of Love (thus about who I am, how I relate, etc) then I am consciously choosing Love over fear. I remind myself this so I can learn that my fear, and my lack of loving myself, at times, brings me closer to the Truth of my Heart. and instead of dwelling on the pain and “should haves” I can be thankful for the gift of insight I can take into my heart, into my consciousness and better understand and thus release the unconscious patterning of my lifetime ‪#‎HealingIntuit‬

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