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Heart Celebration

I am an open book waiting to understand myself. I am an empty heart fully bleeding into existence. I gather within my bones, creating my core…indulging in my own desires of flesh and blood and ask myself over and over, “why am I here?”…and a silent voice tells me that I already know. And I listen. And then I get scared. And then I listen carefully, again. And then I know. And I never doubt yet at the same time I’m not doubting, I find a place to hide. And I run, hiding. Around the corner, I find myself alone and bleeding from my eyes that see too much. Blinding light fills my soul and I dance in this liquid aura that surrounds me. I become my Self beyond my limited persona, entrusted in me from my earthly inheritance. I embody the Universe in my glow. And you see me…as I AM. Because I know and you know ~ this reflection of grace and beauty and love and the limitless connection of power that envelops us all. There is no strength greater than Love…and here, I dress myself in its warm, lustrous, and luminous arms. I become that which I already AM in each moment. My eyes bleed yet open again to the pain because I see beyond it and I feel deeper that the separation of doubt within my limited self. I know who I AM beyond me, beside me, within me…and always with your heart, in mine.
Happy Valentines Day ~ celebrating our journey into the wholeness of our own heart ~ finding the Beloved in all that we see, all that we do, all that we are. xo #HealingIntuit#

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