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The Desire of a Woman

What comes up in the mind of a woman is the polarity of what is transpiring in relation to “you” (the man) and my Self in regard to merging/not merging on this physical plane. I was feeling a deep sense of guilt — like it was not my own, in a way — holding of some origin of being a woman — and convoluted as a temptress of sorts to a man. Taking on a feeling like I was in some way “bad” for having a body or being a “sex” that was desirable to a man, even. I can not describe the feeling to “you”, exactly, but wondered why a man must feel anything but LOVE in the desire to connect to a woman on the same level of desire….spiritual, physical, emotional, energetic. It
leaves me to believe that merging in any form on the physical level would be distasteful, “bad,” meaningless and limiting. This is not how I feel our bodies were meant to be explored, felt, or even shared.

My feeling is that my body is my Temple. I treat it with the utmost respect. I respect my daughter. I respect the Earth. I respect Spirit. I pray. I meditate. I eat healthy. I do everything that is in alignment for the betterment of my own Being and hopefully for the collective whole. however, I always strive to learn and gain more knowledge, understanding, wholeness of Being, and Trust in the process of life itself.

I hesitate to enter a relationship that holds me back from sharing freely. From being my authentic beautiful Self….BODY and ALL! I am a Spirit living in a human body. I honor my temple. I dance in it. I move in it. I breathe through it. I live freely. And I desire to share my Self with someone I can grow with intimately, spiritually, emotionally, objectively, passionately, separately yet together as one. I do not want to harbor feelings of guilt for being a woman with a body or feelings. Or having desires on a physical level even though my longing is to merge, wholly, with the Divine. The act of merging two physical fields in one is a symbiotic expression of Love on the level of understanding taking place in this moment. It is a Divine Reflection of the merging of worlds. It is a conduit of expression. It is a portal to understanding. And it is a way to express Trust so that two people hoping to transcend the mundane levels of existence can, together, choose to unfold in a way that is beyond the physical Being as well. But to all together disregard the human desire to touch hearts and souls in a biological way is in some manner,inhumane. I know that freeing oneself from desire is an attainment “you” (the man) wish to have but I also bear witness to your heart that yearns to merge with another on a level that meets you half way. But I am asking “you” to notice that the energy you take to pull back from the self expression of passion in the physical realm of desire feels, on this end, to be more restricting than the allowance of the expression of your Truth in who you are in the moment of desire. If you feel your passion and learn from it, then you know more, whole heartedly what you want and if/from whom. You discover if you are a Swami soul or if you are the soul of someone who has that potential but also carries the gifts to share with others in the world of people creating and making their life “work” in the mundane world. Or building a bridge between the mundane and the spiritual.

As a man, know that you are being honored. We know that your Spirit is strong and your gifts are abundant. Please do not look at desire in a way that guilt takes form in this reflection.  I take responsibility and own my own feelings of guilt in this process but also recognize that I am embodying a collective inheritance of guilt that women should be shamed for being desirable at all. I walk in beauty and Love. My body and my soul and my heart and my mind are all a part of the path that leads me forward. My Spirit is what draws you in. My body is a gift in the process of discovery. As such my Love.

This is a letter from the heart of a woman…not necessarily “me.”
There is no attachment to the outcome but the collective need to express the open ended need for a woman to be exactly who she is in all her glory…and her ability to listen in response to the expression of life, itself…xo – #HealingIntuit#

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