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    Holiday Specials…!

    Holiday Special… 50% off all healing services! Intuitive Healing Sessions, psychic phone readings and massage… a perfect opportunity to bring in the new year ~ bridging the balance of body and soul. email for prices and details: tatiana@healingintuit.com  

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    “Rebirth” I had an intense dream about giving birth last night. At first I was supposed to have a “scheduled” c-section set up by people in my life at a hospital I didn’t want to be at and too early, I felt. When I got wheeled in, all of my family and people who set this birth up for me were there and driving me crazy. I kicked everyone out and took off saying I was going to birth naturally and that this “forced birth was too early and unnatural and the baby wasn’t ready.” Everyone was expecting a boy. I left and went on a journey through different states…

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    Heart Love

    My heart has been pulsating at a very different vibration lately. It almost feels like it is, literally, bursting out of my body and carrying while also releasing more pain and pleasure through the experience of just sitting with who I AM and all that has transpired to bring me to this magical, joyful, painful, and heart revealing, soul intriguing union with my true Self. It’s as if I am making Love to my deepest desires within the well spring of the memory I have within my innate union with All That Is. It is absolutely incredible and a very vulnerable place to be as a human ~ and woman.…

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    Questions to Let Go Of

    When I “search” do I really “find?” And in this searching, what is it that “I” am looking for? I am not looking for anything but something that can easily be described as “nothing.” I am in constant flux with my conditioning of “needing to know” something that does not exist yet is inherently evolved within my core of consciousness. My mind is only a tool to use in this dream I play out as reality, daily. Today there is no “me” yet “I” continue to create scenarios in which I believe are real. These fears are an illusion that I create as a burden upon the “nothing” that I…

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    Tempting Fate with Tatiana….

    In combination with my HealingIntuit practice, I am beginning a new project called, “Tempting Fate with Tatiana.” This is a project of compiling my life span of journal entries that create the personal growth patterns that have taken me through the darkness of who I thought I was to the Light of my life at this time. It will also be the first steps to a relationship column based on the same title (Tempting Fate with Tatiana). I look forward to inviting you into this transformative and quite revealing journey with me. Let’s take it all the way…and transform our lives together, yet separately related as one…on this Earth plane.…

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    Emotions Matter

    I feel it is important to acknowledge emotions. While we, so often, look for the “ideal” partner, it can be easy to think that our ideal mate will be “perfect”. Illusion! Yes, we are perfectly imperfect…and imperfectly perfect but it is so very important to remember that we are HUMAN and from my experience, my emotions are very much a HUGE part of that expression of my humanness and ability to Love on this planet, in form/body. I have been in relationships where, for whatever reason, my partner has thought that we must bypass the emotions and just let go of them in order to just “Be” in the relationship,…

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    Already Free…

    I have a sense that I know who I AM. I have a sense that all that I believed to be real is the path of illumination that has led me here…full hearted and open to the necessity of my survival in this moment. I feel the pain rip at me. Discomfort of what IS just tearing up the seams of my existence. Creating a new pattern from the cliché of life that has tattered these words in the process. I can’t help but release my own intimate cries as I lay here…feeling my feet in the Earth…letting go through the grounding effort to contain something left inside of me.…

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    Wounded Healer

    I am grateful to be a “wounded Healer” on this planet…my heart has an innate ability to tune into people on the deepest core level. Reflecting this pain through the gift of Love is the most intimate (and healing) experience when met as a mirror through the process of discovery. This is why my work is also the gift that gives back — healing myself as I work with others to heal too. A TRUE GIFT of RECIPROCITY and the natural process of Life (Natural Systems). So Grateful! #HealingIntuit#

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    The Nurturer

    The sea splits with options. The mountains rise with praise. The gospel is the wind with fire ahead. He has no burdens upon which he carries. He nurtures the earth with his tender strength… The Mothers know this blessing- They felt him in their womb lifetimes before. He plays his cards of memory In which the Queen of Hearts always rules. Beauty is the attraction he desires and shares of Love. He is youth in eyes that dwell inward. He is old soul in eternity’s words That speak with melodic tunes of endearment. The Goddess is his art in which he worships with faith. He knows his gifts yet boundaries…