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The Nurturer

The sea splits with options.
The mountains rise with praise.
The gospel is the wind with fire ahead.
He has no burdens upon which he carries.
He nurtures the earth with his tender strength…
The Mothers know this blessing-
They felt him in their womb lifetimes before.
He plays his cards of memory
In which the Queen of Hearts always rules.
Beauty is the attraction he desires and shares of Love.
He is youth in eyes that dwell inward.
He is old soul in eternity’s words
That speak with melodic tunes of endearment.
The Goddess is his art in which he worships with faith.
He knows his gifts yet boundaries are uncertain…
And with this uncertainty comes Love.
Who could tame a wild heart that follows
The hooves of emotion yet dances
In the skin of spirit’s song?
Why tame that which is almost free?
He craves his reflection so much
That his “intimate self” is evolving outside of him.
They, too, want to share in this dance
Of eternity with him.
It’s as if they “see” with the same
Inward eyes or dance in the same skin
Through life.
The mirror fades at day’s end
And the reflection remains the same.
“Love me in your nurturing arms! “he screams
From his heart to the Goddess of Love.
“Heal me with the embrace of innocence I attract of Love daily.”
His confusion settles into the still pond.
She drops a pebble to create expression.
There is sanctuary in this ripple
Lapping like tears under his eyes.
This beauty is his own exposed
In the trust of an innocent child
And feminine devotion of faith.
He is attracted to his heart that, in turn,
Attracts who he is:
The nurturer, the Lover, the Mother seeded
By Father at birth.
He is all that he wants and waits for
By the still pond
Left silent
In the whispers of the
Mother’s Arms #HealingIntuit#

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