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A LOVE Letter

The very essence of your “Being” I have found in Love and in that same essence I have found my Self in the reflection of the Divine substance we share, as one. There is no “figuring” with what dwells so deep, so intimately…for the Truth is the “looking” we have found when we let go of our eyes.
And in your eyes, I too see your Truth which is of mine and I feel you here, even from afar…for no material distance can match the flame of love that burns within the souls of faith.
And even in faith, we need not put our trust for our Divinity is far beyond the concept of prayer. To me, my Love, it is no more separate than the illusion I play with daily. It is when we devour the moment with complete emptiness of what our “needs” should be that “nothing” exists perfectly within and of us.
I long to know that which I forget. I long to forget that which I know. And I long to touch the deepest levels of my Being that are merely the divine reflection I am graced upon with each breath.
And in this moment, a simple state of bliss is preserved for the love I feel for you, mankind, and an earnest need to surrender to the power of Love that suits me best. Our Love is not of this world yet, in it, it exists. When I listen to my breath away from that which I perceive as “mine”, the wind of change becomes me. It is the magic of renewal that bestows the gift of Love my way, again.
And in this Love births relationships born of Love, unto Love, for the hopes to create more Love on Earth in exchange. The courtship of life is an ongoing flow of simple beauty spilling into passionate skies and blissful rivers seeping into oceans so infinite that waves of Love pound against us with a bittersweet fervor to bring us “Home”.
And Love, sweet Love…how it burns so deep, so passionately that all illusion comes up…surfacing like rocks in a stream. We do not see them for what they are and instead of accepting this change in flow, we continue to hit ourselves against the rocks. Yet the water flows on, bends to another direction that creates a new light to follow. When we choose to let go of the struggle and follow this new light, then we learn to Love again.
And again, I am eternally grateful for Love. And for you, my Love, I am eternally grateful for allowing me to bend with the waters of emotion and grace your stream through turbulent patterns only to let go, again and again, of conditioned ways.
Strength abounds in the weakest moments. Truth arises in the history of doubt. And the future of what is to “be” is only known, presently, of Love.
For I can not imagine anything worth living for but Love and thus I live for Love, day by day, knowing -too- that I die the same with each breath that passes…because Love is like that.
And in this Love, you exist with me, with ALL of LIFE and there is no separation from the Truth that we “are”.
There are no words that can save us but Love itself – and I long to remember, over and over, that which is already “Me” and thus I let go, over and over, the “me” I think I am.
And the Truth goes on with words that ramble but knowing you, blending Spirits in the face of Love, and touching hearts with a Love not even the Universe would deny…
I am blessed beyond measure with the peace of knowing that we are One in this Universe and have come to make manifest the glory of the Universe on Earth.#HealingIntuit#

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