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I had an intense dream about giving birth last night. At first I was supposed to have a “scheduled” c-section set up by people in my life at a hospital I didn’t want to be at and too early, I felt. When I got wheeled in, all of my family and people who set this birth up for me were there and driving me crazy. I kicked everyone out and took off saying I was going to birth naturally and that this “forced birth was too early and unnatural and the baby wasn’t ready.” Everyone was expecting a boy. I left and went on a journey through different states and found a more subdued hospital that drew me in. It was three days later I gave birth, in the hospital of my choice, naturally, and had a girl. No one was there telling me how to do it, what to do or anything. I don’t think anyone was there except who I really wanted. And I woke up telling myself to remember this dream because it was about my rebirth and I need to do it on my own, in my own time, a natural process, not forced or instructed by anyone else. Just my own intuitive process of allowing the “birth” to occur naturally and beautifully. And so it is….‪#‎HealingIntuit‬#

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