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Be patient with your process. All is part of the Divine Plan of allowing you to emerge who You Are in this process of discovery.
Ever since the conception of your identity, have you been synchronized by the changing moon ~ the waning of thoughts, waxing of intuition and rise of the natural tides of creation.
The process is futile if not carried forth with gentle persuasion and yet determined action…again, the balancing forces of ego and Love.
On this day, you remember who You Are with All that Is. That, to be simple, is a state of mind connected to the Divine. Complex integration is simply a state of allowing and Being within that creation itself. The still point of evolution that moves all wheels while not moving at all.
Peace, inherent in the process…and patience, yes, patience ~ the key to the frame of mind you choose to live and be at one with…#HealingIntuit#

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