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I am not free in this moment. I am not free because my reflection in you tells me so. I see the parts of myself that are holding onto what it is I can not control. And I am a witness but at the same time, I grip at my own skin and push yours away as if you are separate from me. You mirror this separation by speaking of your unwillingness to give up your autonomy. Yet what is it that you, too, fear connecting with? If bliss is a perfect day without a lover then so be it that way. But the Truth lies in the challenge of the beloved’s existence — seen through our eyes, felt through our hearts, channeled through our love for self, each other and all of life. I walk in silence to know my words that are free from the strife I create to speak them. Oftentimes, my mind dissects the beauty that exists in the here and now. This is when I know it is time to listen. In this stillness, “listening” does not mean “disconnecting.” It means understanding. It means loving. It means forgiving myself for forgetting again and again, without judgment. It means that I do not need you yet I can love you the same. It means that letting go of my attachment to anything that binds my heart is a breath of fresh air pulsing through my Being. It means that I have chosen to be free again. And thus the energy of this moment changes…9/12/2012 #HealingIntuit#

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