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    Inward and Onward!

    How can we help heal society, our culture and the world, at large? Our “help” must begin inward, in our own Self Reflection and commitment to the response-ability for our own actions and choices in life. then we move our awareness out into the world based on our understanding of our innate ability to relate from an objective place that has no illusory factors of blame, shame, guilt or judgment. The inward journey is the most important and hardest journey because it requires us to look at ourselves in an authentic way, removing the rose colored glasses. The borders cease to exist when we realize we are all one family…

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    What experiences have you had that felt like a complete letting go of what you knew, a “death” of who you were, or a transformation from one way of Being to another? Our birth into this world was the first of many re-births we would experience in this lifetime. What, in your life, is now re-birthing or re-newing? — xo #HealingIntuit#

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    Awakened Heart

    The awakened Heart is a Heart with the ability to live fully between Worlds. By choosing Love, we have the discernment of how to navigate through the veil of illusion to the visionary reality that we are what we dream. Do you trust your Heart? Do you choose Love? The choice is always yours…xo #HealingIntuit#

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    Find your Light…

    I love my work (readings and healings) — and with every client, I am reminded of the compassion that life has to offer each of us at any given moment. Spirits that visit are playful and helpful. They don’t want any of us to suffer and the messages they send prove they are doing their best to spread the word and ultimate experience of ending our self created suffering on earth. I am grateful to have and share this gift because I learn so much from what comes through! If you are interested in booking a session, message me. Let’s schedule a time to discover your Light, your Truth, and…

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    “Come Back to Me”

    I am aware of the motion of time that borrows life from matter. There is a discipline that forms the bridgework for “time” — it creates in the unmanifest and collects in the hearts of many. It calls out to the ones who won’t listen, “Come back to me!” It is here nor there so no looking is required~ just a strong heart embraced by the Beloved. In our weakest moments, there is strength beyond belief. Go inside to this place of mystery that calls you to enter the void of existence…go into this space that calls you home to your heart again and again. ~It here that Love has…

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    Self Love

    It is time to seek the wisdom of the Universe. The games that were once played among peers and personal aliases are under surveillance. Your integrity, as a human, is always on the line. You are the Child and the Crone making way in the community of souls wishing to learn more. Be clear with your motives. Go within your Truth for the joy that you seek and know that there is no need to follow that which you have in the past. This is a new birth revealing your Divine Glory in this moment. Do not doubt the journey. Do not fear the release of false illusion to emerge…

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    Discernment has no Question

    You can not hide from yourself. You can not truly be less than the truth that you are, in each moment. Your body speaks through cellular communication which reverberates throughout language, thought, mirrored attraction, and the ultimate appeal to life itself. In time, there is a space continuum that becomes the black hole of existence. We live in this space of paradoxical language and formless states. We are a part of the nothingness and the all. We are culminating all of the desires of doubt, pain, excellence, passion, progression and despair. Is there a difference in the transitions? Is there a permanent sever in the realm of creation? There can…

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    Mother’s Day/May Massage & Intuitive Healing Specials!

    Mother’s Day Massage and Intuitive Healing Session Special….book now through the end of May to seal this deal: 60 minute massage: $50 (regular $80) 90 minute massage: $80 (regular $110) 60 minute intuitive healing session/reading: $80 (regular $110) 90 minute intuitive healing session/reading: $130 (regular $160) Give the gift your mom (or anyone) would LOVE!

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    The Truth is that as we all strive for happiness, that happiness exists only within us. Searching outside of ourselves will only bring suffering. But when we meet our power within, we meet people who truly can “relate” to us for WHO WE ARE because we can see through the illusion. Love is this way. And takes us through all of our fears and doubts and insecurities and illusions until we discover that it is as simple as waking up to our breath every morning. Love to you!!!:) #HealingIntuit# xoxo

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    Referrals are a gift of reciprocity for You and Me!:)

    REFERRALS HELP YOU AND ME!!!: $15 off your next session for any referral that books at regular price with me! If you choose not to cash in the $15 off, save the referral $$$ up and if you refer 3 friends/family/strangers that schedule and pay to come in, you can turn in your referral $$ for a FREE 60 Minute session of your choice (free session worth $110 in value). Thank you and I look forward to journeying with you and those you refer!!!! xo #HealingIntuit#

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