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Discernment has no Question

You can not hide from yourself. You can not truly be less than the truth that you are, in each moment. Your body speaks through cellular communication which reverberates throughout language, thought, mirrored attraction, and the ultimate appeal to life itself. In time, there is a space continuum that becomes the black hole of existence. We live in this space of paradoxical language and formless states. We are a part of the nothingness and the all. We are culminating all of the desires of doubt, pain, excellence, passion, progression and despair. Is there a difference in the transitions? Is there a permanent sever in the realm of creation? There can never be such a severance if there was never a disconnection to begin with. The mind’s channeled energy has become static in the inter-activity of what has been lost. What does this mean? Our connections have been made to listen only with the statistical notions that we are a numbered identity with a name, date of birth, calculated existence on this planet and powered by the formed matter of our opinions. We created our reality by which we base our entire world view. We believe we are less than the Truth. We often feel less than the Love that is our divine inheritance. It is through the immaculate birth of our existential Self that allows us to see beyond our suffering lens. Do not deny the pain that is required of cleansing — for our tears will mirror the reflection of the water, bitter with form, and seize this moment with the power to be transformed by the beauty that is ALL.

Simple reverence in thought. Simple humility in exchange for beauty and love. It’s all the same. The distinction is only driven by ideas but the Truth holds no separation to what is real or not. Discernment can only be made when the mind and heart are one. We will know this…we will know this…and there will be no question at all. xo ‪#‎HealingIntuit‬#

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