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No Separation

When I came upon myself, I said, “Who are you, my friend?” I answered, “I am your light and your darkness. I reflect to you everything you fail to see. I am your fears and your dreams. I am your strength and your weakness. I am all THAT and yet nothing at all. You will know me when you let go of what you think ‘knowing’ is.”
I have sat under that tree. Under that hat that has a wide brim like banana leaves shading my light from sight. The delectable fruit tempts me, taunts me like a suckling babe searching for something sweet to devour…an essence to remember within my “being”. I can contemplate the reasons for this “search”. I can mull over my existence like a lawnmower…uncovering one magnificent wonder after another. but what do I find in the end? My soul yearns for something greater than the search for what it is I desire. I have been told that I am ALL that I need to be. I have felt the same – at times. But often, I forget and I search. and I search and I search and the wind keeps calling my name. Sister wind. If you listen closely, feel her breath on your cheek, you will know the longing I speak of. You will know how everything in this world loses meaning when drenched by the wind’s wet kiss under rain. You would know the dance that breaks free from the ground seeping into our feet from the earth’s embrace. We take what comes to us reluctantly and give our pain back as if we don’t deserve it…as if we have the right to do as we please without repercussions from our Mother Earth or Father in the sky. I caught wind of this conversation one night when I was feeling less than myself…when the Spirit of Change became me and I lost myself in the existence of all that has died…and all that lives within my soul. I cried. And then, it happened. It happened. Nothing else mattered but my heart and your heart and our freedom on Earth from pain into the Light of Love through the darkness and pain and you were there and I saw you even without my eyes you were there and you saw me when your eyes were closed because we were what we were and the earth knew and the sky knew and the wind howled in our favor bringing us closer to God. And we were. And God was. And we were all that God was. And there was no separation.

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