• About Me

    Hello.  My name is Tatiana.  

    I am a mother, daughter, sister, creator, and lover of life.  I am passionate about my family (both my immediate family and my global family), Nature, and the way we co-create within our environment.  Currently, I am thriving in life by traveling and working remotely (via phone readings, skype etc) allowing for the ability to co-create with others (from all over the globe) to reconnect with their authentic vitality (who they REALLY ARE) through my HealingIntuit Practice.  I have extensive education that allows me to combine the gifts that I have learned with the gifts that are inherent within my own DNA.  My background includes:

    1) Formal Education:

    • BS in Psychology with a Minor in Creative Writing/Southern Oregon University
    • MA in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in Ecopsychology/Naropa University
    • Certified Massage Therapist/New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts
    • Certified Polarity Therapist/New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts
    • Certified Reiki Practitioner
    • Training in Hakomi Therapy
    • Psychic & Self Healing Courses/Boulder Psychic Institute

    2) Innate Gifts and Natural Abilities:

    • Clairvoyant: I have the gift of clear-sightedness through "pictures" that I see of persons/events that are distant of time and space.  These "pictures" then lead to a "download" of information (through claircognizance) of the particular person I am working with in the form of emotional, spiritual and situational messages.  
    • Claircognizant: I have clear-knowing in the sense that when I receive information about a person, place, or thing, it comes through a space of pure Trust.  This Trust is inherent within my connection of Spirit, my client and Self and is transcribed without any doubt of what is being shared...as when I am in this sacred space, I feel the breath of Spirit moving through me ~ sharing these communications, facts, or emotional connections in a way that I could only access in a meditative space of allowing.  This also occurs in "channeled" writings (automatic writing) where messages that come through are directed to me, by Spirit, or to the greater whole of life.  They are Universal in meaning and carry Divine Guidance for myself and all of life.  
    • Spiritual Medium: I have the ability to communicate and mediate between Spirits who are deceased and living human beings - receiving clear pictures, messages and feelings that I share with my clients IF the deceased Spirit so chooses to communicate in the scheduled meeting.  
    • Intuitive Empath: I often just know, or feel, the emotions, sensations, and thoughts of another person - without being given any tangible indication, by this person, as to what he/she is actually feeling, etc.