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Already Free…

I have a sense that I know who I AM. I have a sense that all that I believed to be real is the path of illumination that has led me here…full hearted and open to the necessity of my survival in this moment. I feel the pain rip at me. Discomfort of what IS just tearing up the seams of my existence. Creating a new pattern from the cliché of life that has tattered these words in the process. I can’t help but release my own intimate cries as I lay here…feeling my feet in the Earth…letting go through the grounding effort to contain something left inside of me. Something….something….something….
But what is there to hold onto? Nothing…nothing…nothing….
And so with open arms, I let go of all that surrounds. And return to this empty space within. My mind swirls to stillness. The calm in the storm. I am home. I return here often. And then I lose my direction. Often. And return again. And again. And again.
And I forgive myself for straying. For seeking what is already here, within my heart. I need stray no longer. There is no feeling as great, as pure, as simple, and as all encompassing… as the way I feel when I embrace the world with one breath…and take in all the pain, all the illusion, all the discomfort that I merely reflect through a solitary expression of the whole. When I return home, I know and I feel the Truth that we are all expressing as a necessary means to rise above our limited understanding of who we truly are. If I can see you…and you can see me…then we are already free….xo #HealingIntuit#

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