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Working for Love

My work is what I do.

It has no name, no time-frame, no punch-clock, no boss.

My work is personal, deep, and requires reflection.

It challenges me to go deeper when I feel safe only on the surface levels of existence.

My work involves people, nature, all creatures great and small.

My work is the hardest job I have ever chosen to pursue in my life.

It challenges me to grow.

It has no mercy.

But it always offers support and reward when I allow the walls to fall.

My work requires one thing: Unconditional Love.

I am still working hard to put the pieces of my work together.

I don’t know how to be self-less, fearless, non-judgmental, self-loving or heart-full all the time.

My job is to incorporate all these things into my life and share them with others.

I am not self-employed although I work on myself sometimes.

I am an employee of humanity working to spread love.

I am only one of billions of other people who have been recruited to do the same.

Some people work harder than others.

Some are unaware that they are even employed.

Some employees are employed to train others to learn to do the work.

It is a beautiful job and the only one in which I believe is worth keeping forever.

I pray everyone will join the cause.

The pay does not always come in green bills, but it keeps the heart strong and the joy abundant….xo


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