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The Work is Done

At this point the work is done. The old is diminished from the proper sequence of endearment. You no longer hold onto the past the way you once did. Something has changed. Ceaselessly searching, your search has now ceased. It’s a paradox in the field of “letting go.” There is a change here – something culminating from the fruition of all of your experiences, manifestations and dreams. Together, at this point, you are entering the pinnacle of existence in your life. It is a place of deep solitude, a calling for gratitude in the form of prayer and a “search” inward for the Truth that has all that you need. Let go of all else. It doesn’t matter. None of it matters but what is revealed between the inherent field of plenty. This “field” is not exclusive. It embodies all of life. It nurtures everything, controls nothing. There is a place here that suits you and welcomes your call of duty. You have been here before along with many others. You have seen the dream as more than it is. You know who you are.
And so I ask you, what are you waiting for? Why hide behind the veil of the illusion that scours your heart in flames? You are done with that cycle and ready to begin anew. This, you know. There is no turning back as all other “roads” will bring the same longing that calls you here, right now. There is nowhere to go; nothing to do but enter the silence and welcome yourself into all that you are. You will find your Truth here, always…xo #HeaingIntuit#

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