• HealingIntuit

    “The Intuition Development Course I took with Tatiana and Bobby was incredibly empowering as well as informative.  I entered the class with openness and curiosity and, upon completion, felt a new level of confidence in my own capacity to tap into the Spirit world with ease, playfulness, and integrity.  Their teaching style is lively and engaging and the environment felt safe and relaxed which enabled me to get out of my own way and trust the process.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in learning to open and trust their own Divine connection and how to decipher messages.” ~ Shannon J; Astrological Life Coach

     ” I received a very helpful phone reading by Tatiana. The information was very practical, inspiring  and perfect timing for the work I am bringing into the world.  I highly recommend Tatiana to help get you moving into your Divine Plan.”– Jill V, Clairvoyant Teacher & Healer. 

    “There are no words in my vocabulary that can describe Tatiana’s connection to Source. She offered insight about my most intimate Being and brought me through tears, deep thought, reflection and a clearer understanding of things I needed to hear…things I had been too “busy” to pay attention to. I received such great insight I have referred her to friends and they too have been back to see her a number of times.In this busy world, we often lose the ability to hear our inner voice and Tatiana is a conduit for reconnectivity.”–Melissa T., Realtor

    “My sessions through HealingIntuit were by far and away the best intuitive session I have ever had.  It is not your typical healing session but a connection to a deeper part of your being.  Tatiana has the unique intuition to reach those places that are locked within our core, and address the “things” that need the most attention.  For myself, it has been a transcendental experience.” — Brian A., CEO, Megathread

    “My session with Tatiana was a powerful, meaningful, and life-changing experience that has given me a measure of insight and peace that I could not have imagined.  Wow is an understatement! Tatiana’s calming and respectful presence put me at ease right away and a sense of trust quickly surrounded me. By bridging the physical with the spiritual and emotional, she was able to thoughtfully and skillfully help address deep issues of loss and pain within me…unlocking the “other” side of these experiences and allowing the hopefulness and empathy and love to emerge.  I felt physically different, as well as deeply touched in my soul when I thanked her and left.  I have a new strength and fresh perspective in the way I live this life now…and know Tatiana has made a wonderfully positive impact on my present and future! I am so grateful she chooses to share her gift!” Heather N; Art Director

    I received more out of our session today than any therapy I’ve tried…and it’s not a short list. I had no idea you possessed such incredible gifts!  Again, thank you.  I believe you will change, and surely have already changed many lives for the better.” ~ Most sincerely, John S; Internet Programmer

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