• Are you interested in being part of our Spirit Mediumship Circle scheduled to begin in early January 2017?  

    If you have a strong connection to your intuition and are desiring to expand that innate connection further ~ through an entrusted circle of people just like YOU who are also desiring to open the gates of their own understanding, moving beyond limited beliefs of separation with our deceased Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Angels, then you have come to the right place.  When we move beyond fear of what is "out there" ~ realizing that, oftentimes, our fears of the unknown are, in truth, the "gift" of having the ability to re-connect to those whom are ready to assist us "between worlds" (knowing, ultimately, that our worlds are really one in the same...) then our journey has begun...

    Join us as we travel within and welcome ourselves and each other "home" to our own heart..where "home" is the doorway to dimensions within our Self that expands our scope of "knowing" beyond conditions.  

    Email me at tatiana@healingintuit.com for more information and to register.  

    This team of journeyers will meet twice a month beginning in January 2017.  This is an on-going experience that will continue until the group, as a whole, feels supported, complete in the group process, and ready to begin anew in their own way. 

    A fellow intuitive journeyer and space holder, Sarah Buss, and I will lead this intimate group of 6-8 people committed to "showing up" to each gathering for the support necessary to raise the vibration to other worldly experiences.  Thus, space is limited.  So sign up NOW if you feel called in this direction.

    The cost:

    $30 per gathering

    time frame:

    2.5 hours (held in the evening twice monthly)

    details to come. 


    Blessings, Peace, and Love xo