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    Thank You!

    My work inspires me to be ME…it reminds me of who I AM and reconnects my Humanness to the Truth that enlivens my Spirit and brings me closer and closer to the Divine in each moment. I THANK YOU — each and every single one of my clients who keep me connected and resurrected in my TOTALITY. By serving you and journeying in sacred space with each of you, I also set my Self free….xoxoox ‪#‎HealingIntuit‬#

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    Change the World!

    Together, we can change the world… interested to know more of who YOU ARE and the part you play during these changing times? Schedule an Intuitive Healing Session/Psychic Reading with me to discover the messages that are waiting to be unveiled. Message me for details. xoxo#HealingIntuit#

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    A Woman’s Strength

    To see ourselves as Women, we must see our Strength as the Truth of the Love that we are. Feel our pain and our joy as a symbiotic expression of our Passion for Life. There is no separation — Just an invitation — to come out and emerge who we TRULY ARE beyond the veil from which we hide. Show the world how Spirit sings and Love dances in us all…xo #HealingIntuit#

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    No Separation

    When I came upon myself, I said, “Who are you, my friend?” I answered, “I am your light and your darkness. I reflect to you everything you fail to see. I am your fears and your dreams. I am your strength and your weakness. I am all THAT and yet nothing at all. You will know me when you let go of what you think ‘knowing’ is.” I have sat under that tree. Under that hat that has a wide brim like banana leaves shading my light from sight. The delectable fruit tempts me, taunts me like a suckling babe searching for something sweet to devour…an essence to remember within…

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    Reconnect to body, heart, and soul. The reverberation of Spirit echoes this space of emptiness… beyond the mind. We form unity in breath… arousing that which we are. Breathe freely -let go of constraint around the heart. Feel Love’s power penetrating your very core. You are this Love…xo

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    We are the reflections we see in others. We are the energy we project that we, in turn, attract. If we are feeling anything but love, it is an invitation to return to who we really are, our Truth, and reflect that Truth so that it may return to us. The cyclical patterns of life are offerings of deep reflection and healing, from the inside out and back again…xo #HealingIntuit#

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    New Yelp Account:)

    I have a new Yelp account — and would love to invite YOU to rate my services if you feel so inclined. Also, look for a discounted special on Yelp and get scheduled for your next Intuitive Healing Session! Thank you for your support! Happy Holidays! http://www.yelp.com/biz/healingintuit-boulder-3

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    Sex and Aural Energy

    Do you cleanse your energy on a daily basis? And better yet, several times daily? Read this article to understand more of its importance….and of course, understanding why it is important to have discernment when choosing intimacy in your life. ***Need an ENERGY CLEARING? Book a session with me to understand your own body map*** http://themindunleashed.org/2013/06/sex-and-aural-energy.html

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