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Crossroads of Life

The Crossroads of Life

Within the journey of life, we meet at various inner crossroads. These “crossroads” are points of reference, within, that open the gates to our own allowing. This “allowing” is the gift of that which is inherent…the Truth that is always there to set us free. As the full moon welcomes us into our own inner space tonight, we are invited to LISTEN. We are allowing our innate nature to be at its most bountiful place to receive all that we ARE, all that we have worked so hard through the winter months to come, full circle, back into our hearts and thus, share with the hearts of others.

We can celebrate this Spring and the movement toward our Beltane Bliss on May 1st by recognizing that this “calling” deep within has us desiring to move our physical body and Being back into the world of creation again ~ to reap its magical rewards. We desire to plant ourselves, deeply, into the Earth Mother and rise up as a powerful force…gentle yet determined to bring our gifts into the light of the sun. People will come. They will listen. They will understand why you worked so hard and took the time to dance your way through the darkness ~ to rebirth yourself as the full embodied God or Goddess that gracefully moves through the reflections of others and all of life, itself. The mountains that sing from the peaks of our experiences, the oceans that take us in, enveloping our fears and washing away what no longer serves, the soft belly of the Earth Mother as she releases us from her womb today ~ in this very moment we choose to say YES to our ability to SHINE. This and All of life is WHO WE ARE. Do not be afraid to return to the light. Do not be afraid to shine!

How are YOU celebrating the return of Spring? The Return of WHO YOU ARE? Do you need guidance in how to move forward? Confirmation in the path in which you are creating so beautifully? Perhaps you are looking for a reflection of your Powerful Self to remind you of your own innate beauty and strength?

.Journey with me, as we unveil your Truth through an Intuitive Phone Reading ~ a journey back into your heart and the light of your soul.
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Spring brings about travel and movement, releasing us from our own constraints. These Soul Journeys, conducted, over the phone (and recorded for your convenience to listen to again) give you the freedom to be where you ARE ~ at any time, in any space or location and yet receive the guidance and support necessary to keep the momentum of the moment flowing into the next…

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I look forward to journeying with you!


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