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Intuition Development Class 2

Class 2, in our Intuition Development course, is on TRUST. We will explore what it means to “trust” and how perceived patterns of thought can derail the integrity that genuine Trust offers to each of us, in each moment. This class is, currently, FULL but if you are interested in attending future classes and/or workshops, please PM me or email me at: tatiana@healingintuit.com
Osho says:
If you can trust, something or other will always happen and will help your growth. You will be provided for. Whatsoever is needed at a particular time will be given to you, never before it. You get it only when you need it, and there is not even a single moment´s delay. When you need it you get it, immediately, instantly! That´s the beauty of trust. By and by you learn the ways of how existence goes on providing for you, how existence goes on caring about you. You are not living in an indifferent existence. It does not ignore you. You are unnecessarily worried; all is provided for. Once you have learnt the knack of trust, all worry disappears.

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