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Self Love

It is time to seek the wisdom of the Universe. The games that were once played among peers and personal aliases are under surveillance. Your integrity, as a human, is always on the line. You are the Child and the Crone making way in the community of souls wishing to learn more. Be clear with your motives. Go within your Truth for the joy that you seek and know that there is no need to follow that which you have in the past. This is a new birth revealing your Divine Glory in this moment. Do not doubt the journey. Do not fear the release of false illusion to emerge the Goddess in power of your fate. You have gifts that hold the beauty in this world with one breath. Share this breath. Be free. Do not let the bars hold you on your back with that which you believed had been real. Everything falls away in the end. What is left is purely the essence and Truth of your Divine Nature – Love. Love. Love . Love.
Never doubt the Truth. Never doubt Love. Relationships are not within the scope of what Love encompasses. Let it go. Let it all go and be Who You Are since before your incarnation. Be the freedom you have always longed for and innately hold within you. Share this Love with your Self, above all else…and let it feed you the way you have fed others. No one deserves this freedom more…#HealingIntuit#

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