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      Spirit Mediumship Circle #1

      This is the first (FREE) Spirit Mediumship Circle and will be held via Zoom (virtually). The focus will be to share a detailed overview of what the next three months will "look like" for those who choose to commit to the closed circle group of Spirit Journeyers. During this circle, we will focus on the questions of, "What is Spirit Communication" and "How can we access this connection at Will?"

      Thus, we will explore our connection to Spirit, Angels, Guides and Ancestors that speak to us as we journey through a meditative state of listening and sacred preparation ~ tuning our body and Being into a receptive channel for solidified impressions of Divine communication and direct contact. We will focus on individual expression and connection within the journey...exploring and validating our own unique ability to receive, interpret, and share accordingly. This will be the foundation to all other Spirit Mediumship Circles to come. Sign up NOW as space is limited!

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      The Crossroads of Life Within the journey of life, we meet at various inner crossroads. These "crossroads" are points of reference, within, that open the gates to our own allowing. This "allowing" is the gift of that

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      #Love #SelfLove: The first thing to accept is our perceived imperfections are actually perfection. What I realized (and continue to learn from "relating") is that every experience I have of sharing Love with another, and

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