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      Intuition Development Class 4: Auras and Energy - Part II

      Class 4, in our Intuition Development Course, will be a continuation of class 3 with the study and practice of working with Auras and Energy.  We will dive into the exploration of Auras, energy and how to invite and facilitate healings and clearings with Self and others. We will also learn how to call in our Higher Guidance/Inner Guides/Angels to assist in the healings being conducted at the time. I look forward to journeying with you!



      Intuition Development Class 5

      Tonight's Intuition Development Class 5: Accessing our Angels, Spirit Guides, and Higher Guidance


      This is class five of our six part course in Intuition Development.  In this class, we will be deepening our connection to Spirit and the Guidance that speaks to each of us as we journey through a meditative state of listening and sacred preparation ~ tuning our body and Being into a receptive channel for solidified impressions of Divine communication and direct contact.  We will focus on individual expression and connection within the journey...exploring and validating our own unique ability to receive, interpret, and share accordingly.  



      Intuition Development Class 6

      This class will be our final class in our Beginner's Intuition Development Course.  

      This will be an experiential class focused on developing skills, with the use of various "tools," modalities and mediums of expression, to access direct information and guidance through our intuitive abilities and the discernment necessary with each medium we feel naturally drawn to work with.  

      We will study an overview of the following:

      tarot card readings, stone/color interpretation, pendulum Q&A, Shamanic Journeying, and Past Life Regression.  

      Be prepared to go deep and have fun!  



    • Intuit Reflections

      The Crossroads of Life Within the journey of life, we meet at various inner crossroads. These "crossroads" are points of reference, within, that open the gates to our own allowing. This "allowing" is the gift of that

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      #Love #SelfLove: The first thing to accept is our perceived imperfections are actually perfection. What I realized (and continue to learn from "relating") is that every experience I have of sharing Love with another, and

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